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  At the Apprentice of Peace Wellness Studio, our goal is to provide the best in total health, wellness, and fitness. Our classes are a combination of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi and are designed to help with relaxation, improve and promote better breathing, increase rangeof motion and energy, and relieve tension. They are low impact routines which aid in healing and improving balance and flexibility. Ronnie Qi, A committed, dedicated and energetic student of the healing arts of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and the effects they have in changing the fabric of your life, Ronnie Harvey, better known by friends as Ronnie Chi brings the essential principles of Qi Gong and Tai Chi for total wellness, total health and total fitness wherever he goes. The Qi Gong wellness lifestyle is a major component to his life and outlook on the world. He chooses to be an example to his elders and youth by being a daily reminder to the connection they are missing with life when our minds, posture and breathing are out of alignment. The art of Qi Gong and Tai Chi can be used as a bridge to get you back to a place of optimum health. Ronnie has been practicing Qi Gong for a number of years, he believes that the healing effects are undeniable but it takes a committed and consistent effort to yourself to heal yourself.Pos Lu ChanD.L. "Pos" Ryant is certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention. He os also a Qi Gong medical student. Tai Chi and Qi Gong, while known for their martial aspects, are internal arts that deal with cultivating and moving energy which in turn promotes healing and wellness. His passion for alternative healing methods is driven by the experience of being in multiple car accidents and understanding the residual aches and pains that come with it. He is also an avid believer in all areas of self improvement. As a result he has taken the initiative to study, learn, and grow in the realms of healing through the internal arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. These tools have been invaluable on his life’s journey and is something that he enjoys sharing with the community and toall those that are in need or desire to learn.   

My motivation sits on the shoulders of my ancestors they made the blueprint which is being resurrected truth, knowledge, honor, wisdom and respect. the ability to transcend our conditioning lies directly in the committed effort we give ourselves.I wrote my book to pay homage to the effort that we will need to overcome the mentality we can never be more then what we are now. we still read books passed down from hundred and thousand of years old, how do these story’s still have the ability to reach out over the millennium and teach, direct and advise, they where based on the truest of facts from the heart. we know the knowledge of the ages can be found in books, I’ve come to believe that the knowledge of this age will prove to be lead by the common sense and social responsibility of the Apprentice of Peace.     

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We have to be more responsive when I comes to the effects of our community, we can’t claim ignorance, we let our comfort fool us into thinking we live with an optimum opinion of ourselves, we think we are immune to our own neglect, but that is the reason for our concern our health, the main objective to living.

breathing is the first lesson of life and the last lesson of life. the quality of you breath will determine the quality of your life, we breathe everyday and don’t understand the importance of this action.       

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Posted 185 weeks ago

The Apprentice of Peace the book is in the final rounds of editing and it is a real refreshment to know that the work is done and the creation of the platform of peace is here and now…. we are engaged in making a difference, becoming the example for all to see, we have to be level headed and focused to complete the mission, but all the plays have been put in motion….. stay tuned… the Apprentice of peace common sense and social responsibility venues will begin the campaign for peace and we want every one to join in so we can make a committed difference in our community..

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mind is the greatest force on this earth, he who has controlled his mind is full of power, he can bring all minds under his influence, one is stuck with awe and wonder at the marvels and mysterious powers of the mind of man.  

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The Apprentice of peace wellness studios

The Apprentice of Peace wellness studios move with the honest intention of being the best example we speak of, the example that leads from the front by example, by his conduct, his bearings, his willingness and his appreciation for life, the example that engages the people of the community like they say they do, if we say we are honest then we are, if we say we are honorable then we are, if we say you can trust us, you can, but it is the action behind these words that make the saying true, honor the action that it will take to be a better person then you are now, how can you change your life to benefit you and the others around you, how have you been a help to yourself and your community? can you be a help to yourself and your community?  

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black history month

What black history have you made?, is black history left to our ancestors, is there nobody willing or made out of the stuff that will be talked about for the next five to six hundred years, history indicates something happened that was worth remembering, mentioning and teaching, do we inspire to leave our mark on the world, will you be a pillar in the future of the change it took to change the world.  

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To master your self is to master life and to give back what you learned embraces the social responsibility of the master, with the skills of the master at your disposal when the need arises we'll challenge and confront, lead and assist, learn and improve, we’ll have come full circle in our peace through our self mastery and we will have become the example of change and transformation.  

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help wanted

The Apprentice of Peace wellness studio is looking to interview  certified massage therapist for a opportunity to be a part of our corporate wellness program, serious inquiries contact us at   

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When growth comes how do you adapt, do you get rolled over by the energy you created whether good or bad or do you take control of it and make of it what  you want… the opportunity is there for those who can see, most lack such vision… The Apprentice    

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